Formosa Solar Renewable Power Group


Formosa Solar won Taiwan Sustainability Action Award for two consecutive years

Formosa Solar is pleased and honored to receive 2023 3rd Taiwan Sustainability Action Award silver award granted by TCSA (Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Executive Committee).

The awarded project is “The Stadium of Beixing Power Plant”, which shows our aim to promote local community development and achieve social inclusion. Not only is The Stadium of Beixing a solar power plant generating electricity by installing solar systems on the court’s roof, but a leisure park provides residents with fitness facilities, parent-child harmony spaces and variety of courts. It generates about 1.6 million kWh of electricity every year, reduces carbon by about 800 metric tons per year compared with thermal power generation, and the benefit of afforestation is equivalent to 3.1 Daan Forest Park. That’s why The Stadium of Beixing Power Plant is regarded as the first successful case of land revitalization from cemetery to a solar photoelectric and social inclusive park.


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