Formosa Solar Renewable Power Group


Formosa Solar and TCTF Collaborate in Pingtung, Using a Family Assistance Program to Realise the Journey to Net Zero


As the most reliable and leading partner in Taiwan's energy transition, Formosa solar group also cares about disadvantaged families while energy transition is undertaking, we start an energy-saving and family assistance program and partner with TFCF (Taiwan Fund for Children and Families) in Pingtung. The program will help those families to reduce their expense of electricity and achieve carbon emission at the same time.



Formosa solar donates NT$450,000 to help the disadvantaged families chosen by TCTF in Pingtung, to provide them energy-efficient refrigerator to replace the old and energy-intensive one, it is expected to reduce power consumption by more than 1.5 times.


It is hoped that through this program, we could realize equal, inclusive, and a sustainable future in which no one is left behind under the energy transition.

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