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Formosa Solar Funds a Scholarship of NT$1.5 Million with National Pingtung University

Formosa Solar Power Group established an education scholarship program with National Pingtung University and the signing ceremony was held on April 25. Formosa Solar will provide NT$1.5 million as scholarship in the following 5 years with its commitment to cultivate high-level talents and assist students to complete their studies.

The scholarship agreement was signed on behalf of National Pingtung University by Robert Y.S. Chen, President of National Pingtung University, and by Kok Leong Toh, CEO of Formosa Solar Power Group. As agreement, Formosa Solar provides five qualified applicants, recommended by the committee of National Pingtung University and selected by Formosa Solar, with a scholarship of NT$30,000 each semester. Formosa Solar is devoted to do its part to make contribution to the community.



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