Formosa Solar Renewable Power Group

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Happiest Employee
Formosa Solar is dedicated to creating a challenging and enjoyable work environment, providing compensation and benefits packages that are superior than the industry average for Employee. Formosa Solar hopes to be a reliable partner that Employee are proud of.

Employee Development and Benefits


Talent Attraction and Retention

Formosa Solar meticulously establishes a remuneration structure that aligns with its commitment to fairness and performance-driven excellence. This proactive approach not only adheres to local laws and regulations but also ensures competitive remuneration that outpaces market norms. Formosa Solar shares its successes with Employee, fostering loyalty and reinforcing a sense of belonging.
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    Guaranteed annual salary 14 months

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    Additional Annual leave

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    Regular health checks

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    Retirement pension 8%

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    Performance Bonus

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    7 days for paid sick leave

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    Group insurance is fully covered by the company

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    Flexible Commute/Work from Home Mechanism

Talent Cultivation

As education and training are important ways to ensure that human capital can continue to add value, Formosa Solar attached importance to the training of Employee. The overall learning and development strategy is based on on-the-job training, with new personnel training, professional training, supervisor-level training as the backbone, along with annual goals and different business needs, to establish a sound education and training system.

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