Formosa Solar Renewable Power Group

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Proponent of a Better Environment
As a renewable energy industry operator, Formosa Solar takes its responsibility to protect the environment seriously. The company aims to reduce its environmental impact by improving energy efficiency, promoting the use of renewable energy to replace traditional power sources, ensuring proper disposal of decommissioned solar panels, and focusing on ecological conservation to practice sustainable development.

Environmental Management Policy

Formosa Solar's commitment to environmental protection is demonstrated through the formulation of an environmental protection policy. This policy emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability and encourages collaboration among Employee, developers, suppliers, and collaborators to put environmental protection into practice.
Furthermore, Formosa Solar is dedicated to complying with relevant laws and regulations on safety, environment, health, social responsibility, and labor, both in Taiwan and abroad. This includes adhering to international standards such as:
  • The Equator Principle
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards (PSs), 2012
  • World Bank Group's Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines: General EHS Guidelines (2007)
  • World Bank Group's EHS Guidelines: Sector-specific EHS Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution (2007)
Our Policies
Promotion of clean energy

Assist in Taiwan's energy transition and promoting environmental sustainability with core industries

Implementation of green procurement

Purchase equipment that meets environmental requirements to avoid becoming an accomplice in harming the environment

Compliance with laws and regulations

Commitment to comply with Taiwan's relevant laws and regulations on safety, environment, health, society, and labor

Creating awareness among all personnel

Strengthen employee training to increase employee awareness and commitment to environmental protection

Promotion of energy conservation and carbon reduction

Strengthen the reuse of resources, implement effective energy conservation, and carbon reduction, and reduce unnecessary waste

Participation in environmental activities

Participate in environmental activities to promote environmental sustainability

Implementation of the friendly construction method

Require contractors to employ environment-friendly construction method to reduce environmental pollution

Collaborative influence

Work with stakeholders to reduce factors of damage to the environment

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