Formosa Solar Renewable Power Group

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Being a Reliable Partner
Formosa Solar is committed to be the most reliable and leading partner in Taiwan's energy transition by increasing generation of renewable energy and providing high-quality customer service.

Clean Energy Provider

Formosa Solar is committed to generate more clean renewable energy to enable the society and other companies to decarbonize and help Taiwan's transition to net-zero. Formosa Solar develops and constructs various solar photovoltaic projects, including rooftop and ground-based installations. We also explore multi-use of a single site, water-based, and Fishery and electricity symbiosis solar plants. The latest grid-connected capacity could be found on the homepage.

Key results

YearCumulative number of power plants (units)Cumulative total power plant capacity (MWp)Cumulative annual power generation (million kWh)Cumulative carbon reduction (tons)
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