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屏東高樹光電示範區40MW 屏東高樹光電示範區40MW
Government Contract
併網日期 : 2021-11

The Gaoshu PV Demonstration Zone in Pintung is the first PV demonstration zone in Taiwan created from reclaimed gravel pits. Due to unsuitable soil conditions for farming, compounded by improper excavation and dumping of waste, the land surface in the area was scarred with numerous pits. It took five years for Pingtung County government to complete the pits.


Yu Heng Power Co., Ltd., a SPV of Formosa Solar, integrated a total of 112 parcels of land covering a stretch of 7 kilometers and totaling 37 hectares for the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants in that area. With the assistance of the Pingtung County Government, relevant central government departments, and guidance from Taiwan Power Company, this project overcame various difficulties and was successfully constructed.


Formosa Solar has invested NT$2 billion in this project. It is expected that more than 50 million kWh of electricity will be generated every year in the future, supplying electricity to about 13,000 households, the benefits of reducing carbon emissions by 25,000 metric tons. For this project in 20 years, it is estimated to create a private investment of NT$ 1.3 billion for the local area, more than 200 employment opportunities, and a win-win situation with a total output value of NT$ 4.1 billion.









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