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屏東高樹光電示範區40MW 屏東高樹光電示範區40MW
Government Contract
併網日期 : 2021-11

"Pingtung Gaoshu Photoelectric Demonstration Zone" is the first photoelectric demonstration zone created by backfilling of gravel pits in the country. Due to the unfavorable soil quality in the area, farming has been idle for a long time, and it has been improperly excavated and dumped waste, resulting in many pits on the surface of the land. , In order to fill the potholes with a depth of several meters, the relevant units of the Pingtung County Government adopted the method of backfilling and leveling the potholes after dredging by the Water Resources Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It took five years to complete the backfilling operation. Yushu Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Formosa Solar Renewable Co., Ltd., has integrated 112 projects in a 7-kilometer-long area with a total area of ​​37 hectares for the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants. The entire project implementation process faced various difficulties, and encountered the problem of insufficient local feeders on the way. With the assistance of the Pingtung County Government and relevant central departments, and the guidance of Taipower, the construction was completed in a hurry. The installation capacity of "Pingtung Gaoshu Photoelectric Demonstration Zone" is nearly 40MW, and the investment amount exceeds NT$2 billion. It is estimated that it can generate 50 million kWh of electricity every year, enough to provide electricity for 13,000 households and to reduce carbon emissions by 25,000 metric tons. In addition to the revitalization and utilization of inferior land, it is expected that the land restoration process in the past 20 years will create a win-win situation of NT$1.3 billion of private investment for the local area, more than 200 employment opportunities, and a total output value of NT$4.1 billion.









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