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嘉義縣鹽業用地設置太陽光電發電設備20MW 嘉義縣鹽業用地設置太陽光電發電設備20MW
Government Contract
併網日期 : 2019-09

Formosa Solar Renewable Co. Ltd. emphasizes coexistence and co-prosperity with the ecology. The Chiayi Saltland Project owned by subsidiary Yeheng Power, is the particular and the most indicative project. Chiayi Saltland Project is located on the abandoned salt land in Budai Town, Chiayi County, with a total installation capacity of 20MW and an area of 23 hectares.

30% of the saltland is specially reserved for building ecological detention ponds for birds and other benthic creatures to inhabit. During the development period, not only try to maintain the local topography and landforms, but also to stop the contruction work during the bird breeding season. In fact, after obtaining the project, Formosa Solar immediately cooperated with the Tunghai University team to conduct an ecological survey, and released the ecological survey report of Chiayi Budai Salt Fields twice. Since the operation of this project, the number of bird populations has not decreased but increased. The research team even found that birds build nests under the photoelectric module board, which is the best case of the harmonious coexistence of photoelectricity and ecology.









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