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嘉義縣鹽業用地設置太陽光電發電設備20MW 嘉義縣鹽業用地設置太陽光電發電設備20MW
Government Contract
併網日期 : 2019-09

For the construction of solar photovoltaic power plants, our aim is to ultimately achieve multiple land uses, where every unit of green electricity generated contributes to environmental co-existence and co-prosperity between land and solar photovoltaic power plants friendliness. The Chiayi Salt Land Power Plant is a signature project for Formosa Solar, encompassing a vast land area of approximately 226,766 square meters. Within this area, the actual solar photovoltaic system occupies about 109,915 square meters, with around 30% thoughtfully set aside as an ecological reserve, fostering a habitat for birds and other aquatic life forms.


The conscientious approach taken in every facet of this project, from initial assessment to construction methodology. Throughout the development phase, meticulous efforts were undertaken to preserve the local landscape and topography, ensuring minimal disruption to the indigenous flora and fauna, including the suspension of construction activities during birds' breeding seasons.


Formosa Solar is committed to perform regular ecological survey and monitoring over the project. In collaboration with a team from Tunghai University, the report of ecological survey is published twice a year, the scope of investigation is 10 times larger than the base, it is showed that the PV plant can co-exist with the environment, including the number of birds increasing instead of decreasing, and nesting and breeding under the solar panels for two consecutive years. This represents a realization of harmonious co-existence between the PV site and ecology.









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