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Operations & Maintenance(圖) Operations & Maintenance(圖)
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Operation & Maintenance

The power generation performance and operational management of a PV project site are the cornerstones for the steady growth of renewable energy companies. Our O&M team has rich industry experience and expertise. We constantly optimize the O&M model of the PV project site to establish the momentum for sustainable development with a steady and pragmatic attitude as well as the company's science & technology management platform.
Operation & Maintenance

Plan O&M strategies and constantly optimize the management model.

  • Implement the introduction and management model of O&M service providers according to the company policy.
  • Build the project site monitoring system and IT management platform with innovative technology.
  • Constantly optimize the O&M process and operations management model.
Operation & Maintenance

Provide high quality O&M services in collaboration with professional service providers.

  • Collaborate with third-party professional service teams depending on the O&M needs of our projects.
  • Implement preventive and routine O&M tasks according to the O&M plan.
  • Proceed with the troubleshooting of system anomalies and risk management of emergency matters.
Operation & Maintenance

Monitoring of the O&M performance of PV project sites and customer service.

  • Monitor project sites and real-time power generation conditions with IT systems.
  • Provide various dashboards and analysis reports for the reference of decision-making and management.
  • Constantly improve the service quality and customer satisfaction of project sites with goal-oriented thinking.
Operation & Maintenance

Strengthen the management and innovation capabilities of the O&M team.

  • Develop comprehensive management capability through practice, education, and training.
  • Constantly optimize processes to enhance operational efficiency and control costs.
  • Implement group policies to achieve financial and strategic goals.
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