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Occupational Health and Safety

With culture, environmental protection, and sustainable development as the company's vision, Formosa Solar values workplace safety and health management and builds a safe and friendly workplace as the mission. By implementing the P (plan), D (do), C (check), and A (action and continuous improvement) of the PDCA cycle, Formosa Solar eliminates inherent risks, maintains each site's intrinsic safety, and pursues environmental protection through engineering improvement supported by the administrative management. The company has a deep respect for life, therefore we value the safety protection of all personnel, including contractors, visitors, and Employee. We require ESH management of the most rigorous standard for all members. Apart from arranging regular education and training for Employee and contractors, the Formosa Solar HSE management team emphasizes O&M safety of every project site to fulfill the company's CSR and achieve sustainable development targets.
Our HSE management is constantly improving. Not only do we focus on safety during the construction period at the project site, we also pay more attention to the continual improvement of the safety and management of O&M. Therefore, Formosa Solar continues to build the following facilities at project sites:


Fixed ladders

For personnel to go up and down the PV modules for inspections and repairs.

Maintenance walkways

Walkways made of 30cm-wide diamond safety grating for use by personnel.


Erected on roof ridges for personnel to hook on to and prevent falling.

Safety fence or fall protection nets

Guardrails/fences are installed along the roof’s edge, and fall protection nets are installed at skylight panels.

Fire extinguishers

At least 2 fire extinguishers are placed at electrical equipment zones.
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