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Ecological Survey(圖) Ecological Survey(圖)
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Ecology and Conservation

Chiayi Budai Saltland Ecological Survey Results
The Chiayi Saltland Power Plant is located in Budai Town, Chiayi County. The total land area is about 226,766m2 and our , solar PV facility site is about 109,915m2. An area of about 68,030m2, or 30%, has been reserved as an ecological preserved sections (north and south detention pond) for the habitation of birds and other benthic organisms. The project site's total installed capacity is 19,999.2kW to generate electricity of about 28,000,000kWh each year.
Ecology and Conservation
Ecology and Conservation

Total land
area is about


Square meter

Solar PV facility
site area is about


Square meter

Ecological preserved
area is about


Square meter

Total installed
capacity is



Yearly electricity
generated is about


10000 kWh

Ecology and Conservation

Chiayi Saltland Power Plant is one of Formosa Solar's ground-mounted solar PV projects.

The Chiayi Saltland Power Plant is one of Formosa Solar's landmark projects. From being awarded the tender of this project in 2017 untill the grid connection in 2018, Ye Heng Power Co., Ltd., one of subsidiaries of Formosa Solar, is committed to perform regular ecological survey and monitoring over the life of the project.

Ecology and Conservation

Harmonious co-existence between PV project and ecology.

In order to realize the co-existence and co-prosperity of PV farms and ecology, Formosa Solar immediately started an ecological survey in collaboration with a team from Tunghai University after successfully bidding for a contract. Based on the ecological survey result, the project site was designed and planned to reserve 30% of the land for building ecological detention ponds. Formosa Solar further endeavored to maintain local landforms and topology and even stopped the construction work during the bird breeding season. After the project was completed, the Education and Training Center within the site also became a venue to the locals for bird-watching, recreation, and education. This represents a realization of harmonious co-existence between the PV site and ecology.

Ecology and Conservation

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