Formosa Solar Renewable Power Group

Environmental Protection Policy(圖) Environmental Protection Policy(圖)
Environmental, Social, and Governance

Our ESG Management Policy

As a participant in the renewable energy sector, Formosa Solar is responsible for the Management of the environment. We encourage all Employee, developers, suppliers, and third-party manufacturers to appreciate and understand the importance of ESG Management and work together to strengthen our joint efforts towards ESG Management. As such, we have established our ESG Management Policy, which delineates our commitment to achieve this goal.
Our ESG Management Policy covers Formosa Solar and all of our affiliated project companies.

ESG Management Vision

To establish a corporate culture of promoting sustainable environment and become a respected enterprise known
for its ESG Management efforts.


Pay attention to the development of renewable energy in Taiwan and through our operation, promote ESG sustainability.


Committed to operate with the following standard requirements and to meet in line with social expectations. Including :

  • Related laws and regulations to safety, environment, health, society and labors in Taiwan.
  • Equator Principles
  • IFC PSs, 2012
  • World Bank Group’s EHS Guidelines:
    • General EHS Guidelines (2007)
    • EHS Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution (2007)

Strengthen the process of recycling and develop effective energy-saving, carbon reduction and waste management practices.


Require all contractors to adopt environmental-friendly construction methods and to reduce the negative ESG impact caused by construction activities.


Purchase equipment that meet our ESG Management standard and avoid supporting manufacturers that are harming the environment.


Strengthen staff training to increase ESG awareness and commitment.


Participate in ESG activities to promote ESG sustainability.


Cooperate with stakeholders to jointly reduce harmful ESG impact.

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