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Professional Management Team(圖) Professional Management Team(圖)
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Professional Management Team

A solid management team is the basis of the company’s continued success.
Not only Formosa Solar’s management team has the expertise and experience within the solar PV industry, but also has the professional experiences including of real estate, urban planning, large-scale project development, finance, and investment.
Members of Management Team have different backgrounds and experiences and further stimulate the team with creativity and collaboration for Formosa Solar to maintain success.
Professional Management Team(圖)
Jonathan Tso(圖)

Jonathan Tso

Work Qualifications /
  • 30 years
Education and Experience    /
  • Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, National Taiwan University
  • Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
  • Executive VP, Fubon Land Development Co., Ltd.
  • VP, Real Estate Investment Department, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • VP, Phu My Hung Corporation, Central Trading & Development Group. Vietnam
  • Strategic Development Director/Associate Principal, AECOM China.
  • Chairman, Cité International Development Consulting Co.,Ltd.
  • VP, Ruentex Construction & Development, Ruentex Group.
  • President, City Link Development, Ruentex Group
Jocelyn Wu(圖)
Legal Director

Jocelyn Wu

Work Qualifications /
  • 18 years
Education and Experience    /
  • Department of Law, National Taiwan University
  • Kerry TJ Logistics Company Limited
  • Yosun Industrial Corporation (WPG Holdings)
  • ProMOS Technologies Inc.
Iris Tsai(圖)
Engineering Director

Iris Tsai

Work Qualifications /
  • 25 years
Education and Experience    /
  • MS in Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, USA.
  • CTCI Corporation
  • Chien Kuo Construction Co., Ltd.
James Wu(圖)
Senior O&M Manager

James Wu

Work Qualifications /
  • 20 years
Education and Experience    /
  • MS in Civil Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • MS in Information Science, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • BS in Department of Civil Engineering (minor in Political Science), National Taiwan University.
  • Kemflo International Co., Ltd.
  • Garmin Corporation
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